Monday, 10 September 2007

Fudge It

Eating fudge is a very personal experience for me. I love to sit and take small bites and allow it to melt in my mouth. It is best enjoyed with a hot beverage.

Up until a few months ago, fudge was something that I stayed away from making. After numerous failed attempts at other people's "anyone can make this" fudge, I gave up.

Fifteen years later I took to plunge, as part of a school project for Markwin. I am so happy I did. Although we only got a C+ for the project, the fudge was delicious.

My recipe comes out of The Complete South African Cookbook .

Make sure you have about 40 -45 mins free time for this.

Fudge (makes about 1kg - this is not much when you find how delicious it is. It also lasts a while in a sealed container, hidden in the back of your wardrobe!!!)

800g of Sugar

250g of Butter ( I only use butter, not marg) 250ml Milk
1 Can
Condensed Milk
10ml Vanilla Essence

Firstly get the baking tray ready. Line your large baking tray with tin foil, and spray well with non-stick spray.

In a large pot add the Sugar, Butter and Milk and heat until sugar is melted, stirring all the time.
Add the Condensed Milk.

Bring to a medium heat and let it bubble.
This is the time consuming part - STAND and STIR.
Do not leave the stove.
Just stand and stir.

I always use my candy thermometer. When it reaches 240°F, I do the cold water soft ball test. If I am happy I have reached setting point, I add the essence ( I have also tried coffee essence) and stir it very well.
Pour the fudge into the baking tray, you must work quickly. Try to get it level on top and lightly bang it on the counter top, to get rid of any bubbles.
It will cool very fast, and once that starts to happen, don't mess with it any more.
You have to cut it when it is about half way set. Just keep an eye on it, and test the edge with a knife. It should go through, without sticking to the knife. If it is sticking, wait 2 or 3 mins and try again.

The result is fantastic. It makes a great gift.
I have a large bottle in the kitchen, ready for any fudge emergency which might arise in the home.

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Cookie baker Lynn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the totally different flavor of your blog! I have some rooibos tea on hand (have to admit, I'm not a love it person) so I get to try your lovely chocolate cake.

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