Monday, 17 September 2007

Wonderful Weekends

I had a wonderful weekend. At present it would seem that I am living in Super Sport (Which is the local Sport Channel), yet I will admit watching South Africa beat the English twice in one weekend was rather nice.

On Saturday morning we made a trip to the Old Biscuit Mill.
Every Saturday morning they have the Neighbourgoods Market. What a pleasure it is to walk through a market where you get to meet the people who grow and make the things they sell. Everyone is so passionate about what they are selling, you just have to buy. It is busy, but that really makes it festive. With makeshift tables (old doors) and chairs (hay bales and crates) where you can sit and eat your latest discovery. Everything is fresh, most things are organic and made with so much love, you just know that it has to be good.

I bought some potatoes from a farmer that is growing overseas varieties, which you just can't buy anywhere else. I bought a bag of Asperges and Maris Peer. I had a few Asperges simply boiled with some organic herb dressing and olive oil on Saturday for diner - absolute heaven.

Second on my shopping spree was the most divine homemade Turkish Delight. Turkish Delight is a very sweet candy. It is very addictive. Anyone who tastes it will eat it until they die. They will do anything to obtain the candy. They will sell their soul and love ones to obtain Turkish Delight. Well I didn't sell my soul - yet!!!

I must say that is is probably not necessary to actually buy food while you are there, as everyone has tasters at their stalls, but all the nibbling made me a little hungry. I finally settled on a Steak Shawarma. It was really delicious. I need a new word for fresh, as I am sure I have used it far too many times already, but that is exactly what everything was - crispy and fresh - no oil dripping and greasy hands. Every bite had some meat and salads in a fresh (again) pita.

Other than this wonderful trip on Saturday the rest of the weekend was spent enjoying some really great cricket and rugby.

I am very energised after a great weekend and even had great run this morning. If every Monday was this great, I could have one every week!!!

Thirty-five is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart.
-Caryn Leschen

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