Friday, 28 August 2009

Prickly pears and pomegranates

Last night I finally got around to my entry to win a copy of a magnificent South African cookbook. This is not a regular cookbook, with a collection of old fashioned "boerekos" (farmers food). This is modern, without the pretentious ponciness of some food authors of late, where the food photographer and the stylist should get more credit than the author!

If you're looking for something to add to your Christmas wish list - this book would make any foodie stay up late into the night reading!

I tried the Roasted lamb chops with cloves and rosemary and the .Butternut with bacon, almonds and onion marmalade .

I must say, the rules of the competition say you have to stick to the recipe exactly, I burst into tears when I first read the butternut recipe and saw "5 large butternuts peeled and cubed" - WTH (and I try not to swear)!
There are 2 people living in my house, one of which equates eating vegetables with scrubbing bathroom floors (at the aiport) - how am I going to eat that much butternut?

So I just had to reduce the quantities, but if you have the Bradey Bunch around for lunch - then you can happily make the full amount! And they will all be coming back for seconds.

This dish has everything which makes a dish great - soft, salty, sweet, nutty, crunchy, sour and it all ties in perfectly. I made the full amount of onion marmalade and am going to be enjoying it with some strong cheese and biscuits for lunch. The honey dressing would be a great addition to any salad - and worked equally well over my baked potato.

Now for the chops - I am not the best person to rate lamb chops, as they are not my favourite part of a lamb. I am more a lamb rib girl. The flavours worked well, the only thing I would have added is some lemon juice as I enjoy lamb with zing, but saying this, the rosemary, honey and cloves worked well - but I would change this recipe to suit our family's taste if I made it again (less cloves, more lemon juice).

I hope you'll go to the link and try one of these Proudly South African recipes - They call us the Rainbow Nation - there is always hope (and a pot of gold) at the end of the rainbow!


Cookie baker Lynn said...

I loved the "equating eating vegetables with scrubbing the the airport." Yup, I've got those people living in my house, too. Squash is not something welcomed into my house unless it's hidden in a pie.

ZMF said...

Mmm... looks yummy!

The Woman said...

Those lamb chops looks delicious! And I love butternut and onion marmalade (though never had them together - you're giving me ideas).

The Woman said...

PS: Hope you win the book!

Jeanne said...

Oh WOW, those chops look good! Somehow I never gete round to baking chops - if there is no braai, we generally don't eat them. But I'm thinkin that could change...!

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