Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Sweet like a Lemon

I have always loved lemons. As a small child, my sister and I would steal the sugar bowl from the kitchen and hide out at the bottom of the garden by the lemon tree and eat lemons dipped in sugar.
To this day, there is always a bowl of lemons in my kitchen. It is such a wonderfully versatile ingredient, you can use it with anything from lamb to ice-cream.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. I just knew we had to have dessert after diner. So I tried a recipe from a magazine I have been saving for months.

Lemon Mousse

160g Castor Sugar
3 eggs separated
Juice and Zest of 2 Lemons
7g Gelatin
150ml Cream lightly whipped

Beat the Sugar, egg yolks and zest together until very thick and light. This took about 5 mins at with the electric beater.
In a small sauce pan, take the gelatin and mix with the lemon juice. Heat on low until gelatin is dissolved.
Add the gelatin lemon juice to the egg yolk and sugar mix and blend.
Put this in the fridge until it just starts to set.
Add the lightly whipped cream.

Beat the egg whites until they are stiff, but not dry.
Fold the whites into the yolk, sugar, cream mixture. I add a ¼ of the mix at a time.
Put into your ramekins and place in the fridge for 2 hours, or until you are ready to serve.

Dust with icing sugar before serving.
This is a beautifully light mousse, with the tang of lemon.

Markwin had his Grade 7 farewell party on Friday and here are some photos.

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