Thursday, 3 April 2008

Peanut Butter Nutta

One of the things I am most grateful for in my marriage, is that I married a man whose mother could not cook! My mother didn't, and I think that living in the shadow of my Ouma's cooking really must have been tough.

My Mom is a good mother and housewife, we always had a different main meal every day of the week, but her biggest downfall is that she hates making sandwiches. The standing joke between my sister and I was that you never told Mom that you liked a particular filling on your bread. The direct result of this is that you spent the next 6 months only getting that sandwich. My sister always got peanut butter and syrup and I only got peanut butter and jam.

However this overkill never made me sick of peanut butter. I still can't think of anything I would rather have than a thick slice of hot white bread, with lashings of peanut butter.

My son has proclaimed these biscuits as his all time favourite. They are light and crispy, and melt in your mouth when you eat them. My Dad even said, "These things are addictive!". It is possible to eat far too many before you even realise it, so beware of the cooking monster!!!
Peanut Butter Biscuits

125g Soft Butter
125g Peanut Butter (smooth or crunchy)
100g Brown or Caramel Sugar
1 egg
5ml Vanilla Essence or Extract
170g Flour
50g Cornflour
50ml Finely Chopped Peanuts (not salted)
3ml Bi-Carb
3ml Baking Powder

Preheat the oven to 180°C and grease 2 baking sheets.
Beat the butter, peanut butter and sugar until light and creamy.
Add the egg and the vanilla.
Sift in the flours, bi-carb and baking powder. Mix well.
Stir in the chopped peanuts.
Roll into walnut sized balls and place on the sheet. Flatten with your fingers.
These biscuits do spread a little, so don't place them too close together.
Bake for 10 - 12mins until they are golden brown on the edges.

Very good served with a glass of cold milk!


Nina's Kitchen (Nina Timm) said...

Nice cookies, a perfect midnight snack!

Rose&Thorn said...

I wish they had lasted until midnight!

Jeanne said...

This recipe sounds alarmingly similar to my mom's peanut butter cookie recipe which I haven't made in years. Only difference is that her recipe calls for flattening with a fork, which was my job as a little girl :)

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