Thursday, 5 March 2009

Great Finds

I have shared with you before that I buy all my meat from a butchery/abattoir in Stilbaai. The quality of the meat is far superior to anything available in ANY supermarket, no matter what you're willing to spend. Not to mention the price saving.

On our last visit I noticed a new product the were selling - Smoked Lamb rib. I was very intrigued and immediately bought one to try. The owner's wife explained that in the past they have always found that lamb ribs were slow sellers, and were forced to sell them on special. They then came up with the idea to cure and smoke the whole rib and since have not been able to keep up with supply!

Once you try this, you will see why they can't keep up - it is my new favorite meat product. It works equally well roasted and on the braai (BBQ). The meat is soft, juicy and full of flavour. It is the closest to smoked pork rib you can find.

I have not seen in locally unfortunately, but have got a few in my freezer so at least I am sorted until our next trip.

For dessert I decided to make a peach crumble, inspired by Brownie at Kitchen Diary. I didn't follow her recipe, but never the less it still came out very good. You can change the topping recipe to suit your tastes - more nuts, less granola, more sugar, more butter - it is very hard to get it wrong.

Peach and Granola Crumble

Fruit layer
3 Large ripe Cling Peaches
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
45ml Honey
25ml Flour

Mix this together and place in a greased pie dish or baking dish about 18cm².

The Crumble
100ml Flour
75ml Sugar (more if you like it sweeter, but I find peaches are already very sweet)
75ml Coconut
100ml cold Coconut oil or cold butter (coconut oil is solid when stored in the fridge)
50ml Ground Almonds
150ml toasted Muesli or toasted granola (try to use one that also has fruit and nuts)
25ml cold butter cut very small or grated (optional, but advisable)

Mix all these ingredients together well.
Use your fingers to rub in the coconut oil/butter.
Place over the fruit layer and then dot with the extra butter.
Bake for 30-40 minutes in a oven at 180°C.
If the top is browning too quickly, place some foil on the top to protect it from burning.
Serve hot (not straight out the oven) with custard.


Kit said...

I've never had smoked lamb before. It sounds delicious. Your butcher sounds great too. Hope you've got a nice big freezer!

Nina Timm said...

Hot enough for you today????? I love the smoke lamb idea! I know the butcher in Stilbaai, lamb is delicious!!!

Steph said...

I love crumble! Never had smoked lamb rib before, but it looks good!

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