Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Summer Bliss

Time waits for no man or woman! And while I know (in theory) there are still 24 hours in a day, somehow I am loosing 3 or 4 of them every day.

The weather is unbearably hot, my computer has been on the blink on and off for 3 weeks, I've had house guests for a month, I have been without a car for 2 weeks, I'm involved in the launch of a new church in Sea Point, my housekeeper is going through menopause and did I mention it's unbearable hot? So you can see coming home and spending time in the kitchen is not a priority.

Never the less, my family still have to eat, no matter what the weather and because of the weather we eat later, so suppers are generally light with lots of salads.

I saw this salad in a deli last week, but at R85/Kg, it definitely didn't fit into my budget. Lucky for me I know the ladies at the deli and they shared the recipe with me.

Chinese Cabbage Salad

2 Cups Finely shredded white Cabbage (only use the outer leaves, not the hard white part)
4 Finely chopped Spring Onions (White and green parts)
1 Cup Hot Cooked Chinese Noodles ***
60ml Toasted Flaked Almonds
30ml Toasted Sesame Seeds (I used the black ones)
45ml Grape Seed Oil (or canola oil)
10ml Sesame Oil

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and toss to combine - check the seasoning.
I cut the noodles slightly to make mixing and eating easier.
*** Make sure the noodles are hot when you add them to the salad, so it softens the cabbage slightly.
This salad is best served chilled.

Half our life is spent trying to find something
to do with the time
we have rushed through life trying to save


Kit said...

I sympathise with you on all fronts there! We're also suffering from heat and car loss.

The salad sounds really good - perfect for summer evenings.

Nina Timm said...

I am in the process of selling my car and the, wait I should not complain, right??? Hang in there, friend! I would most probably have spent the R85 per kilo. The salad looks light and crunchy!!!

Jeremiah 17: 7-8

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