Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Resturant Review - Jacky’s Chinese Restaurant.

I have never done a restaurant review on blogs before, but they say you should try everything at least once - except suicide, so here goes.

Jacky's Chinese Restaurant, Delmar Centre Panorama was where we found ourselves last night, a farewell dinner for my parents who leave today for Australia.

Jacky's is a little different from your normal Chinese restaurant. Firstly you don't see any Chinese people eating there, secondly the owners are friendly and speak perfect English and don't try to give you the normal Chinese restaurant "bum's rush" and thirdly the food is very Westernized - no Abalone, shark's fin or tofu anywhere.

There are no menus, the closest thing to a menu is this board on the wall.

It is a buffet (eat all you can) meal. They have 2 kinds of sushi (nothing raw) and 20 different main meals.

Even a vegetarian will not leave hungry, although they may miss out not having tofu! They have soup, prawn toast and spring rolls for starters, made fresh and re-stocked the whole night. The spring rolls are crispy and great with their sweet and sour sauce.

I can highly recommend the beef fillet in black bean sauce and the Thai green curry. The soup, chicken and sweetcorn, was the low point of the night - it was far too glutinous for me.

You can order dessert afterwards (or before if that's what you want), which is not part of the buffet. Keith and I shared a mint tartufo - very good, but hardly Chinese.

Booking is recommended, when we phoned at 6.30pm we managed to secure the very last table. The restaurant was packed full by 7.30pm and they were turning people away after that. It is very noisy, so don't think romantic meal for 2, think "all you can eat North of the boerewors curtain"! There is ample secure parking at the centre.

The drinks are very reasonable, soft drinks are R10 and local beers are R12. Wine is also sold by the bottle or the glass at R16 a glass.

If you looking for a big meal, not authentic Chinese, then Jacky's is your place. You might enjoy what Brian Berkman had to say here. I think he sums it up best - I quote : "At this price, I think Jacky’s is the best deal in town"

I would like to end off with this photo of my parents and a goodbye wish to them as they take a 3 month holiday to Australia to visit my sister. I pray God keeps you safe and gives you the best holiday, which you so richly deserve. I love you both so much and I am counting the days to your return!

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Jeanne said...

This looks like a Korean/pan-Asian buffet place here in London near my office - all you can eat and a very Westernised selection of dishes. Only in SA would a Chinese restaurant serve tartufo though :) Hope your parents have a ball!

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