Monday, 23 November 2009

All things Nice

This weekend I was rather busy. I had the pleasure to make 2 cakes for friends of mine. One was for a baptism and the other for a girl's 13th birthday.

The birthday cake idea I got from the Ideas magazine - a while ago, I can't remember which issue. It is very simple to do - and very impressive. You ice the cake normally - top and sides and then cut pink and white marshmallows into "petals" and place on the cake. I found I needed to work with damp hands to stop the petals sticking to my fingers. You then use a chocolate Whisper (or Maltese) for the centre of the flower.

The biggest treat for me came on Sunday, while watering my garden, I picked 2 purple figs from my tree. I can not tell you the pleasure I got from eating these sweet juicy gems!

Figs are my most favourite fruit in the world (especially the purple fig) - I just can't afford to buy them, but now that my tree is bearing, I can eat my full and then some! Are you jealous yet?


Marisa said...

I love that marshmallow flower cake - so pretty!

And I'll be keeping an eye on our neighbours fig tree for any ripe ones that they miss...

Jeanne @ Cooksister said...

Oooh - ripe figs from your own garden... Yes, i am SO jealous!! They are also expensive here - is there anywhere in the world where figs are NOT expensive?!

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