Thursday, 22 April 2010

In Black and White

Last week when I blogged about 2 of my faults, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well they were received. In the light of that success I thought I would go back to the confessional and tell you another fault, just to test how loyal my readers really are!

Again the fault revolves around food :  When I'm alone I hardly ever cook. I make absolutely no effort to eat healthily and could live on coffee, cereal , crisps and  cookies. My dear husband is usually the one getting the "You really should eat more healthily" lecture from me,  until he's out of town and then the tables are certainly turned.

If a group of behavioural psychologists where interpreting this behaviour, I am sure they could write a thesis on the fact that I only make an effort in order to show off  (me a show off? an absurd idea!) and when there is no one to appreciate me, I fall apart.  I think it's mostly got to do with the fact that cooking for one is like kissing your brother (or sister) - there's no surprise or romance, just pure function.

In the light of my latest chastisement from Keith about me not eating properly, I decided I would make a special effort last night - Baked Butternut filled with White Beans, Black Olives and melted Camembert cheese.

 Black and White Baked Butternut
Serves 2 (or in my case 1 plus 1 leftover)

1 Butternut, cut in half length ways and seeds removed
2 Sticks of Cinamon
Olive Oil
1 Tin White Beans (rinsed)
10 Black Olives Stoned and halved
4 Thick slices of Camembert Cheese

Roast the Butternut, for about 60 -80 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius, drizzled with olive oil, seasoned with salt and with one stick of cinamon placed on each half .
Mix in a bowl the white beans and the olives, seasoned with salt.
Once the butternut are cooked through, add the bean and olive mix into the holes of the butternut, top with the cheese and another little drizzle of olive oil and bake until the cheese has melted and the beans are warmed through.
Serve and enjoy.


samsung8 said...

I totally get you! I never make an effort cooking for myself. It's so boring when there's only yourself to impress. I then start feeding the neighbours. :)

Your food looks divine as always Rose.

Marisa said...

Kissing your brother indeed! Good description.

I confess I too fall into super laziness when it's just me myself & I for dinner - I normally resort to a microwave meal (our Spar has the best tandoori chicken ones) or I'll just eat drips & drabs of things - a bunch of pickles here, a baked potato there, a punnet of cherry tomatoes, half a tin of baked beans. Not exactly gourmet food!

Loving this butternut recipe though - the olives sound deeeelish in it.

Cookie baker Lynn said...

One problem with cooking for just yourself is quantity. Why make a lasagna when you'd be eating it for a month? It's tough to find delicious recipes for one. I love your recipe - unusual pairing of the squash, beans, and cheese.

Kit said...

I'm the same - I think it's less about showing off than undervaluing yourself as not worth cooking for!!
When I was living on my own, in my twenties, my grandmother (I think) gave me Delia's One is Fun, to make sure I'd eat properly and was always giving me little nutritious handwritten recipes perfect for one... if only I'd kept them all.

This sounds like the perfect solution - minimum effort maximum nutrition and taste.

Anonymous said...

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