Monday, 5 July 2010

Tourist in your own City

I love being on holiday. I love the weeks before you leave, the planning, the packing, the excitement about leaving everything familiar and heading out to enjoy the unknown.

Obviously, like most working stiffs, I don't get to have as many exotic holidays as I would like. Usually it's only once or twice a year and one of those is Christmas with my folks (fun but not exotic). Yesterday I went on holiday, only for a few hours and less than 20kms from my house, it was wonderful to pretend I was one of the thousands of tourists that are in Cape Town enjoying the best we have to offer - both in hospitality and weather.

We started at the V&A Waterfront (as all self respecting tourist should) and walked into town and then down the Fan Mile, though the Cape Town Stadium complex and back to the Waterfront. It's only a 5.5km walk, but I took my camera and stopped to photographed all the things that only a tourist would.

Here is my walk in pictures....

The Two Oceans Aquarium.

I was thinking of spending the night here...but Keith said he thought the room service at home was much better!

The canals around the marina are really beautiful.
The Wheel of Excellence with Table Mountain in the background.

The CTICC and the main intersection of Coen Steytler and Buitengracht, busy as always.

 Click here to see this same street on a game won't believe the difference.

Prestwich Memorial on the corner of Buitengracht and Somerset Road in Green Point. During the construction of a multi-million rand building in nearby Prestwich Street in 2003, excavations revealed thousands of centuries-old skeletons and after some heated public debate it was decided to build a dedicated memorial in which these human remains could be housed with dignity.

The colourful kiosks that have been erected for the World Cup, along Somerset Road. I was very impressed with the drinking fountains which are all along the fan mile. I don't suppose they will be there for much longer after the fans have left.

Walking under the Green Point circle, into the Cape Town Stadium complex. We couldn't get too close to the actual stadium, but that's to be expected. There was a very strong police and security presence, which I hope makes the overseas tourist feel very safe.

There are beautiful mosaic works on the walks to the stadium entrance.

A grand old lady of Cape Town, the Somerset Hospital, with the mountain keeping a watchful eye over everything.

A quick glance back at the Cape Town Stadium entrance and the security checkpoints.

At last, this tourist's heaven ..Lunch at Anat at the Waterfront.

A falafel for me

And a Shawarma for Keith.


Cindy said...

Your photos are breathtaking. I'm so glad to see the Somerset looking so spruced up.

Marisa said...

Great post! We all too often forget about the attractions on our own doorstep. We also played tourist on Saturday at the Fan Mile - what fun!

Koek! said...

It's so exciting isn't it? I feel like I'm i another country when I walk the fan mile... (Dunno if that's a good thing!) I think they could have come up with a better name for the 'Wheel of Excellence'. I mean, Come ooon...

LadyRaven said...

Can you believe Anat started from a caravan and the Randburg flee market?

my aunt is convinced she stole her falafel recipe:)

Kit said...

Fun being a tourist at home! We're planning on doing the fan walk with the kids, tomorrow morning before it gets busy. Sounds like its got to be done!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Thanks for the walking tour! It was a treat to see the town without fighting the rabid soccer fans. Beautiful!

Nina Timm said...

What a marvelous idea, Rose...must say the falafel would have been my highlight too!!!

Kimberly Peterson said...

Cape Town is truly beautiful! And what a great idea to be a tourist for the day.. we often take our own cities for granted!

Josh said...

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