Monday, 19 July 2010

Verlaque Recipe Challenge

Over the last few months I have made no less than four original recipes using wonderfully proudly South African ingredients from Verlaque.

From the first time I tasted their Persian Pomegranate Concentrate, I knew that this was something my kitchen would never be without. After attending the Cape Town Food Bloggers Conference, I received a free bottle of Infused Balsamic Reduction with  Preserved Cranberries and fell in love all over again.

So when Verlaque  announced a competition open to bloggers and requested a recipe using one of their products, I was in recipe creation over-drive! Lucky for me I have my step-son staying with us and his love for food creation is as enthusiastic as mine, so I had a unfair advantage of "two heads being better than one".

Together we came up with this scrumptious Dukkha Encrusted Salmon with a Cucumber Spaghetti Salad

 Dukkha Encrusted Salmon
Serves 2

2 Salmon Fillets (skin on and bones removed)
60ml Infused Balsamic Reduction with Sundried Mango & Chili
Zest and Juice of 1 Lime
1" Piece of Peeled Ginger Grated
100ml of Dukkha (I used a dukkha with a chilli, sesame seeds, almonds and hazelnuts)

Marinade the salmon in the Infused Balsamic Reduction with Sundried Mango & Chilli, the zest, lime juice and ginger for about 1 hour.
Preheat your oven to 200°C.
Remove the salmon from the marinade, and shake off the excess and wipe the skin.
Lay the fillet, flesh side down in the dukkha and cover with dukkha - pressing gently into the flesh.
Using a pan which is oven proof, heat a little olive oil.
Place the salmon in the oil, skin side down and fry for about 2 minutes, until it starts to caramelize.
Place in a hot oven and roast for a further 7-12 minutes, depending on the thickness of your fish.
Leave to rest for 2 minutes and serve with the salad below and extra dukkha pounded fine.

Cucumber Spaghetti Salad with Infused Balsamic Reduction with  Preserved Cranberries

½  Cucumber (cut into julienne - I have this gadget )
¼ Red Onion, sliced very thin
1 Green Chilli, cut into very thin slices (optional)
6 Baby Tomatoes cut into ¼'s (I use 3 red and 3 yellow)

30ml Fresh Coriander leaves
30ml Infused Balsamic Reduction with  Preserved Cranberries

Mix all the the ingredients together just before serving.
Make sure you place the chilli on top for those who might want to pick them out.


CandidKar said...

That's spectacular, the salmon sounds amazing! said...

I love their products and am starting a healthy collection - wonderful recipes :)

Cindy said...

Your photographs and food are simply stunning, you deserve to win!

Marisa said...

My goodness, that salmon looks amazing!

Jessica said...

Oh no, now you've made me crave some salmon goodness, damn you and your tasty recipe!

Kit said...

Sounds lovely - like the idea of using dukkah as a coating for the fish too.
So far I haven't got round to inventing anything, but I have been splashing my pomegranate balsamic all over avos and eating them with a spoon...yummy!

gaby866 said...

I have just bought today the Mango Chilli Verlaque and was wondering how to use it best.. so THANKS ! this is perfect !

Jeanne @ CookSister said...

That looks absolutely outstanding!! Love the idea of dukkah on salmon - gotta give that a try. And I want a julienne slicer gadget thingy now, to recreate your pretty salad!

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