Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ready Steady Cook - Start

Ready Steady Cook hosted by Add to Taste
This challenge has taken me almost 3 weeks to get to the start! It's been more like reading Jodi Picoult than Leon Uris

With the ingredients I have left to make my starter, you might understand why I've been at odds and ends starts. I have yet to use my dates, chilli and 2 leeks (used some in the main).

So after 2 weeks of procrastination I went through the store cupboard ingredients and fell back on one which is never missing from my pantry - canned tomatoes.

Lucky for me today was chilly enough to attempt a something which has had me stumped almost everyday since I first got my ingredient list.

Tomato Leek and Date Soup

1 large Tin of Whole canned Tomatoes
2 Large Leeks washed and finely sliced.(White part only)
1 Clove of Garlic
10 Fresh Dates (stones removed)
10ml papricka
1 Green Chilli
Salt and pepper for seasoning.
Garnish : A small piece of leftover leek and thinly shredded and deep fried until golden brown

In a pot, fry the leeks, garlic, chill and dates until the leeks are softened.
Add the rest of the ingredients with about 350ml water and simmer for about 1 hour.
Check the seasoning and adjust to taste.
Purée the soup until smooth.
Serve hot, garnish with a drizzle of  olive oil and fried leeks.

How good is this soup? Very good, just look at the bowl...yummy!


Marisa said...

Wow, what an original & creative recipe! Very curious to know what the dates would've tasted like in that soup.

Claudz said...

I like how you have used the dates! I usually chop them into rice or couscous, or throw them into a stew, so this is new for me.
Well done! it sounds yum!!

LadyRaven said...

yay innovation. Scarey I know but without it we would have no chocolate chilli :)

Nina Timm said...

The dates must have added a sweet creamy consistency to that soup!! Lovely idea!!

eatme_delicious said...

Wow I have never seen dates used in a soup like this!! How interesting.

Jeanne @ CookSister! said...

Very very clever - tomato always benefits from something sweet! My husband's great aunt stirs a spoonful of marmalade into hers ;-)

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