Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pita Pockets of Pleasure

Life has a way of catching up with you. I can go weeks without anything happening, and then I have a month like this past month and it seems I've lived a whole year in 3 weeks.

Travelling, work commitments, family worries and health issues have filled my days with joy and pain. Slowing down is not always an option. In times like these you need meals that are not time consuming, but still give you the much needed nutrition to fuel your body for long hard days.

I only got home last night at 7pm, after another emotional day. I'd started at 5.15am, doing my daily workout - a much needed drug - and ended it by making a scrumptious supper, which only took 10 minutes to prepare.

 In times like these I am so grateful for the love and support I get from Keith as well as my family and friends, without them I wouldn't have the strength to see my way past my morning shower! I owe so much to these people, I pray that when they need me, I'll be the rock they can stand on.

These Pita Pockets of Pleasure are filled with goodness to fill your tummy and fuel your body for peak performance.

  Pita Pockets of Pleasure
Serves 3

6 Pita Breads - toasted in the oven
300g Thinly Sliced Steak (or ready sliced stir-fry steak)
1 Can Butter Beans (Drained and Washed)
½ Cup Beef Stock
1 Heaped Teaspoon of Wholegrain Mustard
Seasoning to taste

Chopped Tomato, Cucumber and Lettuce

Fry the steak in a little oil in a hot pan until starting to brown.
Add the Beans, Mustard and the Beef Stock and allow to reduce for 5 minutes.
Season to taste.
Allow your diners to fill their hot pita pockets with meat and salad.
Serve with lots of serviettes!


Marisa said...

I think we could all use a quick meal every now and then and just look how tasty yours look!

Hope all the worries are over now and you can relax a bit.

polkadotcupcake said...

oh rose, i've made this or a variation many times, but never managed to make it look as appetising as you do! what a wonder, and aren't quick meals an absolute blessing in the summer? much love, and hope all the hard stuff is over now!

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