Monday, 5 September 2011

Making My Way Home - Home Coming

This sure has been an epic journey. The last day of this hike was as long and difficult as it has been for me the last month to get my life back to a place where I can publish this final post.
 The final day started off early. As this was our second time on the Fish River hike, we were happy to know that we had 4-5 hours of easy walking, with few river crossings, before we could be sitting comfortablely at Ais-Ais relaxing with a cold beverage.

The first circle of Dante's Hell started after the cause way, when we didn't take the short cut. This resulted in a day of downward spiralling out of control. We walked for 10 hours, until we started to worry if we would make Ais -Ais before dark.By the time we got back to Ais-Ais, I had heat exhaustion and sun stoke.

I walked the last 10km with my feet in zip-lock bags, after falling in the river - boots and all!

We ended with our bodies bruised, scratched and broken - but we did finish! After a day of recuperation we were up and about planning our next hike.

I never thought that making my way home would be as hard as it was, but after all the changes I have had in the last 6 months, I am stronger, wiser and more grateful for the love and happiness I have in my life. I am truly blessed, and this I can say with an honesty which I've never felt before.

Sometimes in life you have to go through dark days and levels of hell, before you realize just how blessed you really are to have had someone, then lost them but never ever forgetting them.

"Consider your origin; 
you were not born to live like brutes,
but to follow virtue and knowledge.”
 Dante Alighieri

Jeremiah 17: 7-8

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. He will be like a tree planted by the water."

It is not your business to succeed, but to do what is right : when you have done so, the rest lies with God.
C.S. Lewis

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