Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Man is 13!!!

Markwin is 13. What a weekend. Pity the weather didn't turn out as good as we had hoped, but plan B wasn't a disaster.

Our original plan to go to Cool Runnings (the toboggan track) was washed away, by a light spring rain. So we headed to Grand West to try our luck. They have an ice rink and soon had 5 boys kitted out ready to hit the ice (this turned out more literal than we had hoped).

My darling son has never been short of confidence and seemed to remember that in a previous life he was the talented half of Torvill and Dean. Unfortunately, something in his conversion into Markwin, seemed to have affected his skating ability. The poor boy flew across the ice at full speed and landed rather uncomfortably face down. He now has a huge bruise on his right cheek to remember his birthday by.

After finding their skating legs, it would seem that fun was had by all. I even had a go on the ice - 20 years on from my last icecapade. Let's just say that I managed to go forward and stay upright for most of the time, although I do have some very mysterious bruises.

We had a lovely Sunday lunch on the actual birthday (Sunday the 2nd)- Roast chicken and vegetables, followed by fresh strawberries and ice cream.
You can see from the picture, everyone enjoyed the pudding the best.

I am so proud of Markwin. He really is growing up to be a wonderful man, and will make some lucky girl a very good husband - just as soon as he can find someone who likes picking dirty clothes up off the floor.

Markwin is now a fully qualified driver - as he often tells me while driving with me. As you can see he has all the equipment to prove it.
lives by the expression :

"Don't panic, I learnt to drive on my play station"

In closing I have to show you how beautiful my jasmine is looking - as a celebration of spring.

Be sure to check tomorrow for my
Fool Proof Chocolate Cake.

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