Monday, 8 September 2008

Pea Soup

Today a cold front is expected to reach the Western Cape with secondary development expected behind it,resulting in rain and showers to persist over the south-western parts of the Western Cape tomorrow. A high pressure is expected to ridge in behind the second cold front from late on Tuesday.

Rain, wind and cold that's all we hear from the weather office in Cape Town. The only cure for this weather is a hearty bowl of home made soup. But not just any soup - Pea Soup, made with lots of peas and sweet potato. I served it with home made whole-wheat soda bread, which I'll share with you tomorrow, so be sure not to miss out.

This is another one of those meals that does not need (or want) your constant attention. You can leave it simmering away, while you tuck up under the blankets and finish your book!

Winter Pea Soup

1 Large Sweet Potato, peeled and diced
2 Large Onions, peeled and sliced
1 Large carrot, peeled and chopped
500g Split Peas
4 Litres of Water
3 Chicken Stock cubes
1 Green Chilli (optional, but really good)
Salt and Black Pepper

Fry the onions until starting to brown.
Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer until cooked.
Blend until smooth.
Garnish with crispy fried, sliced Spanish chorizo sausage.


justfoodnow said...

Okay, brilliant idea!!

One household in the city is joining you today!!

Rose&Thorn said...

Just - With the rain coming down like it is, I know this is going to be a hit. I'm having the leftovers for lunch!

Nina Timm said...

Good Idea Rose!! I did not think we will make soup again this year, but Cape Town weather is throwing us a curve ball!!!

Rose&Thorn said...

Nina - There just seems to be no end. I thought it was getting better on Saturday and then Sunday was winter all over again!

Anonymous said...

Simple and Good! My mom used to slice hot dogs in hers!

Rose&Thorn said...

Maryann - I use them too, my son actually prefers hotdogs or bacon.

Anonymous said...

That looks and sounds fantastic!

(thanks for the visit today!)

Rose&Thorn said...

Gunfighter - Thanks and this soup is really doing the trick in this cold weather!

Tom Aarons said...

What a wonderful idea. Things are cold here too at the moment, and this looks exactly like what I need! Thanks! :)

Rose&Thorn said...

Tom - This will warm you all the way to your soul!

Jeanne said...

OK, what I want to know is if we are meant to be experiencing global warming, how come it's bloody cold on BOTH sides of the equator?! :o)

Seriously, the soup sounds fabulous - I really shoudl make this more often :)

Rose&Thorn said...

Jeanne - The way the rain is coming down now, I think that whole "Sunny South Africa" logo is going to have to have a re-think!

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