Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Happy birthdays at Magica Roma

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Thank you to all my blogging friends, family, other friends, children and husband - I felt like a princess, all the phone calls, presents and then ending with a fantastic diner at my favourite restaurant.

I thought I would review the restaurant we went to last night - Magica Roma. It is by far my favourite restaurant in the whole world. It is my first choice for any occasion. The only catch is you can't just walk in and think you'll get a table. You have to book, and if you want to go on a weekend, you better book very early in the week.

I have never been there that every table is not taken, and while the restaurant is full, you never get the feeling that it is too noisy or too full to enjoy. The service is excellent; I certainly would not want to work there - the owners walk around and check on every single table, every single meal. A secret to success - there is no compromise when it comes to quality.

It is not cheap, but you certainly don't mind paying because you know the food is first class. As someone said you could pay more, but you certainly couldn't get better food.

My personal favourite is the calamari tubes with chilli and garlic, served on a bed of roasted vegetables - heaven on a plate. Keith's dish of choice is the pizza, with Parma-ham, artichokes, olives and chili. They have a wonderful selection of dishes, but not too many as to confuse and intimidate.

I finished off my meal with a tiramisu - only because it was my birthday and why the hell not! I was planning on going for run this morning, but they way it was raining, that will have to wait, until then I'll just wear my elasticised waist jeans!


Kit said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday! It looks like you had a wonderful meal. That parma ham pizza is very tantalizing and so are the calamari. I'm hungry and I've only just had breakfast!

Daziano said...

Happy B-day!!! That meal looks awesome!

Dorothy said...

happy birthday! what a delicious place! i love the tiramisu!

Jeanne said...

Belated happy birthday! That calamari certainly looks divine...

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