Monday, 3 August 2009

Walking Around

We were blessed with a fantastic weekend. The weather warmed up, we won the rugby and so everything in the land was great!

Sunday morning, after church we decided to take a long walk - all around our beautiful city.

We started in Green Point, and ambled through the Bo-Kaap, surrounded by the inviting smells of curry and roti, all we hoped for was that some family would invite us in for lunch!

This suburb has a wonderfully rich history. Bo-Kaap is a small residential area above the Central Business District. It has a population of over 6000 the majority of whom, more than 90%, are Muslim.

The residents of Bo-Kaap are mostly descended from slaves who were imported to the Cape by the Dutch during the the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. They reigned from Africa, Indonesia, Java Malaysia, and elsewhere in Asia. They were known as "Cape Malays", which is an incorrect term as most of Bo-Kaap's residents are not entirely of Malaysian descent.

Houses are mainly semi-detached but free standing homes can also be found. The people who settled in Bo-Kaap were craftsman, free traders and freed slaves.

After the Bo-Kaap, we took the long hill up Kloof-Neck Road.

The cable-car was stuck yesterday, and I hope there were no people in inside - they would have had a long wait if they were!

Once we got to the top of Kloof Neck Road, we had the glorious views of Camps Bay. Beauty like this takes my breath away every time I see it.
The two refurbished 12 pounder cannons (hauled out of the Glen, a forested valley below). These were used by the French and Dutch forces to deter English soldiers from attempted invasions.
We descended Camps Bay Drive and walked all along the beach. There were a few people on the beach enjoying the Indian summer.

We walked all the way along the coast, through Clifton, Sea Point and Mouille Point to the Waterfront and then cut back on Portswood Road to Main Road where our car patiently waited for us.

The walk was about 20kms long and took us 3.5 hours. Our feet hurt from pounding the pavement and sleep came very easy last night.


Kit said...

It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Looks like a stunning walk you had. Love the pics of Bo Kaap.

Elle said...

Thanks for sharing your walk. I'm impressed by the beauty, lively colors, and perfectly tidy urban area and by the stunningly beautiful bay and beach. Doubly impressed by the extent of your walk. You must have strong legs and lungs! No wonder you slept well :)

DessertObsessed said...

this place is so cute! where is Bo Kaap?! it looks like san francisco; i'm actually going to san fracisco this week!

Rose&Thorn said...

Kit - It was wonderful, but my feet are feeling it now!

Elle - We love walking and go every weekend to "stretch our legs". The Bo Kaap is a very special place, and the colour is not limited to the buildings the culture and the people are wonderful too.

Dessert - Bo Kaap is in Cape Town, just above the CBD, on the hill over looking the bay.
You'll have to make a trip to South Africa to see just how beautiful is it.

Cookie baker Lynn said...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love the houses in the fun, bright colors. No wonder you love where you live!

Jeanne said...

What glorious photos! My sister lives in the Bo-Kaap (Buiten Street) and I love hearing the muezzin do the call to prayer wen I visit her. The Bo-Kaap is such a unique place. And just look at how stunning the weather was, in the middle of winter!

Cindy said...

Jeeper Rosemary, that is one long walk! I can't even walk the length of the beach!
Beautiful photos.

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