Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Honey Nougat

Last week I received an email from my husband, it didn't say anything - just a link to here. A rather strong hint if ever you saw one!

I spent the day getting all the ingredients ready and then went foodie searching for some tips on nougat making and how to not to make nougat.

I found a recipe which caught my fancy because it uses honey and I know from experience (shopping) that honey really does make good nougat. Be aware if you don't like honey - you are not going to like this nougat.

I am going to try Caro's recipe this week and compare which I like the most.

Honey Nougat

500g Honey
500g Sugar plus 1 Tbsp extra for the egg whites
125ml Water
125g Glucose Syrup
2/3 egg whites (about 85g)
½ Teaspoon Vanilla seeds
400g Mixture of Walnuts and Cranberries
Rise Paper

Boil the sugar, water and glucose to 140°C
Allow the sugar to cool and when it has reached 115°C, boil the honey to 122°C
Meanwhile beat the egg whites and the sugar until stiff.
Add the honey in a slow stream continuously stirring (easier with a stand machine)
Add the vanilla seeds.
Add the sugar syrup and keep mixing for about 15 minutes (like I said you need a mixer)
Spray a swiss roll pan with non-stick spray and place a layer of rice paper at the bottom.
Lastly add the nuts and fruit to the nougat mixture.
Place the mixture in the prepared tin.
I found if I dipped my spatula in hot water it helped to level it out.
Place a second sheet of rice paper on top.
Allow to cool (I used the freezer, but you can leave it at room temperature.)
Cut into blocks and enjoy!

Lastly, I want to wish my darling son Markwin a very happy birthday. I can't be with you today, but you never leave my thoughts. You have brought sunshine into our lives since the day we met you and our family is blessed to have you - thank you for choosing us to be your parents!


The Woman said...

Wow, that looks amazing! So professional. I tried once to make nougat, but it was a miserable failure... Maybe I should climb back on the horse and give your recipe a go.

PS: Markwin is a cutie!

Juno said...

Yes, this does look very professional: well done!

Anh said...

I have never tried to make this before. It looks so good!

Jeanne said...

This looks fantastic! I'm sure I read recently on some blogs about people struggling to get their nougat to the right consistency - but you seemed to have had no trouble :)

Anonymous said...

wow, I have tried this once and it did not work. I need a sugar free recipe please!

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