Thursday, 23 October 2008

Meat and Two Meats

My husband has never made a secret about his dislike for vegetables. He gives new meaning to "eating with long teeth" when faced with a plate filled with cauliflower, spinach and squash.

I have taken huge advantage of his good nature lately and have been serving lots of vegetables. I did however pick up on the not so subtle hint of, " I've eaten so many vegetables lately I'm getting cauliflower ears".

My mother taught me that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It is important for a wife to remember that while her husband is free to read the menu when he is out, be sure to keep him eating at home!

With these two very important pieces of advice, I set out to make a supper that I knew would always have my husband eating at home. While the path to his heart might be slightly clogged with all the cholesterol, at least I know he's happy!

This is my "Meat and Two Meats with Meat on the Side".

Mixed Grill (Everything is fried in a little olive oil)

Lamb Kidney
Cocktail Cabanosi Sausage
Fried Eggs
White Toast
Grilled Tomato

Serve hot with lots of love and enjoy the smiles.

I can not face a plate of meat like that, so I opted for a healthier option of:

Grilled Aubergine
Grilled Tomato
Poached Eggs
Whole-wheat Toast

Which do you choose?


nina said...

Sorry my friend, but I have to side with your hubby....there is just no comparison....

justfoodnow said...

No contest, the aubergines won - I loathe kidneys!!!

Jeanne said...

Can I have the bacon with the vegetarian option?? I believe it's called having your cake and eating it :)

Jeremiah 17: 7-8

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