Wednesday, 8 October 2008

New Idea on Fish

I have mentioned my fish monger before and will keep punting them as the best fish shop in Cape Town. Not only do they have the freshest fish and the widest variety but the service is exceptional. Cape Town is not known as the most service orientated city in South Africa, but Fish 4 Africa (Monte Visa) is an exception worth crowing about.

From the minute you walk in, you are treated like family. I always feel like my purchase is the most important thing they are going to do for the week! There is no rush to make your choice, they love to discuss everything on display, encouraging you to think of experimenting with fish you might never have tried before. The have 4 people cleaning and filleting the fish, so you never wait more than 2 minutes after making your choice, for your fish to be prepared exactly the way you asked.

After checking what was fresh and what was on special I decided to go for the Gurnard. It was very fresh and at R24.95 per kilo (that's £ 1.50 or US$ 2.75 per kilo) a steal in any language!

I prepared it very simply. Marinade the fish in lemon juice, garlic and Jenny Morris Zesty Fish Spice for an hour and then grill until just done. The secret is not to over cook fish, otherwise it is dry and tasteless. Served with a simple vegetable stir fry and dirty rice (white rice cooked with fresh garlic and brown lentils) - a meal fit for a king!


Nina Timm said...

I prefer the Fish for Africa in Salt River....they had whole octopus the other day...I think they were still breathing, so fresh!!!

Have you received my email? I used hotmail address!

justfoodnow said...

I go to Fish for Africa and I live in the City bowl!

I cannot agree with you more - I wish the chefs in the fancy restaurants in Cape Town would learn that one little lesson too. Fish should ALWAYS be undercooked and it does cook while resting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanne said...

Oh I miss gurnard - it was so easy to get in SA but here is is something of a speciality item :(

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