Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Following Footprints Part Seven

Day 7, where did the time go? It seemed like yesterday we were rushing to pack the car, set the house alarm and drive off along the N7 to Springbok! I'm delaying starting this post as I try to get the right words to explain just how big day 7 was -  a hiker's dream and nightmare all in one.

We were told at the start of the hike that there would be no water at Kapokvlakte (day 7's night shelter), which meant that we had to take enough water with us for day 7, which includes all the water needed for the evening cooking, coffee, teeth brushing etc. and for day 8. I packed an extra 7 litres of water in my bag and set off on the most difficult and technical climb of the whole hike.

We headed over a flat plain for about 30 minutes and then turned towards a huge kloof (ravine). The boulders get bigger and bigger the higher you climb, until you can go no further without the help of the chains. These chains are extremely difficult, as the climb is straight up a waterfall and the rocks are wet and covered in moss. We climbed half way up the waterfall and then had our bags hauled up with ropes. A huge thank you to Werner and Aldred for pulling up our bags, I could not have managed without Superman and Boomslang!

Here is the view from the top of the chains, you can see Aldred and Werner below, sitting 10m up from halfway spot pulling up the bags.

After the chains, the climb is steep but manageable. The final "little" climb before you reach Bakenkop, the highest point of the trail, is very testing but we managed to make it by lunch time. I was so tired by the time we stopped for lunch, I was ready to quit (not my best moment)! The view from World's View is 600m above the Tsondap River valley and is absolutely awesome ( I am sorry to use the same adjectives over and over, but I just don't have enough words to explain the beauty). You can see from below why it is called World's View.

The second half of the day is over a plateau until you reach the shelter, it's a flat and "easy" walk. Some people combine day 7 and 8 (yes, there are people crazier than us) but I could not imagine rushing through such a beautiful landscape. I enjoyed the sunset that evening and the last night's fire, so why rush through it?
We saw lots of springbok grazing.

Here was our home for the night at Kapokvlakte.

  The last night's fire was a small affair (due to the fire hazard), but the boys enjoyed their bush TV after a long day's hike!

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Nina Timm said...

What a hike, what an amazing experience!!!

Jeremiah 17: 7-8

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