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American TV and Food

I like to watch TV, mostly crime and hospital programs. I cried at the end of ER (actually I cried every time one of my favourite cast members died - which happened often) and I held my breath for 6 months waiting to see what happened to the CSI :New York team after the bar shooting.

One thing I have noticed is the difference between American TV and British TV. American cops are normally sexy and dressed to kill, whereas the British are more real life, usually bordering on down right plain. The most puzzling difference to me,  is that on American shows they never eat their food.Why do they have scenes where people will sit down to eat and never touch a morsel? That and the fact that all TV numbers start with "555" (while I can understand that, it still makes me laugh).

So, in my TV travelling in America, I have found one dish that comes up quite regularly -Chilli! I don't know how true this is, but it would seem that there is a lot of chilli being eaten (although not on TV) in America.

I decided to make my version of TV chilli, which I am glad to say we ate and thoroughly enjoyed.

TV Chilli with Rice and Homemade Wraps

500g Minced Beef
4 Red Chillies - chopped fine
4 cloves Garlic - chopped fine
1 Onion Sliced
40ml Nomu Stir - Tomato and Chilli  (replace with a sachet tomato paste if unavailable)
1 teaspoon Crushed dried Chilli
30ml Chilli Jam (made here) - you can use 10ml sugar instead
10ml Paprika
Oil for Frying
1 Tin Red Kidney Beans (washed and drained)

Fry the onions and the beef until browned.
Add the rest of the ingredients and a little water.
Simmer for 2-3 hours, adding water when it gets dry.
In the last ½ hour of cooking add the beans and leave to simmer until you are ready to serve.
Serve with slices of avocado and wraps.

The wraps were so easy to make. I know that most people find buying them easier, but I just find them so over priced. When you see how easy they are to make, I hope you'll give these gems a bash.

Homemade Wraps

1 Cup All Purpose Flour (Cake Flour in SA)
1 Cup Wholewheat Flour
30ml Cornstarch
15ml Olive Oil
10ml Salt
185ml Warm Water

Sift the dry ingredients in a bowl.
Add the water and the oil and knead together into a smooth dough.
You might need to add a little more liquid, depending on the flour, but don't add to much.
You do not want a sticky dough.
Wrap in cling wrap and leave to rest for about an hour
Cut the dough in 5-6 (depending on the size you want).
Roll out on a lightly floured surface.
Fry in a dry non-stick pan for about 1 minute on each side, until bubbling and cooked through.
Place in a tea towel to stay warm until finished frying and ready to serve.


Kit said...

Maybe th eactors are all on diets and eating the food for several takes would result on them all looking like the UK TVpolicemen, not glamorous at all!

WE have a good tortilla making team going here. I roll them out and my 10 year old looks after the pan and flips them. We fry them dry too so no spluttering fat to worry about. Much nicer than bought ones too.

cindy said...

Kit probably has a point, but how lucky for the crew who get to eat all those untouched meals :)

Marisa said...

Spot on - don't think I've ever heard a number on tv or in the movies that doesn't start with 555. :-)

Kimberly Peterson said...

Mmmm.. this looks like a really tasty quick fix... thanks for sharing! :)

Kasha said...

I have been loving chili lately! I put a little in a bowl and break up a tortilla to stuff each little piece with chili! You are so awesome for sharing this recipe and HOMEMADE WRAPS to boot?! Amazing!

kitchen table said...

It looks like an Indian dish but I admit it look so good. I need to try this TV Chilli with Rice and Homemade Wraps.

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